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Document Scanning and Automation Services in Hamilton

Octacom's services are available in Hamilton and beyond:
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Octacom’s document scanning services make it quick and painless to find information and make decisions. We are a client service focused organization and work closely with our clients to develop secure, cost-effective and efficient programs to achieve the desired outcome.


Increase critical health records data accessibility. Access via your hospital or doctor’s office EMR software or via our  OdissTM Document Management Software   

Octacom works closely with over 15 Ontario-based hospitals and countless doctor’s offices on their backfile and day forward health records scanning needs, making critical data accessible in 24 hours or less. We scan, index and provide quality control for critical documents on a day-to-day basis.

Read the case study: Octacom scanned and indexed over 86 million patient records for seven Hamilton hospitals.


Eliminate paper, storage and filing cabinets. Access information easily, securely anytime and anywhere.

Engaging Octacom for document scanning and imaging services is undoubtedly a method to refine your business processes. Whether your primary intention is to increase the ease of document accessibility, protect information from physical damage, repurpose storage space or reduce environmental impact, Octacom’s unrelenting customer-centric focus ensures your company will be well-served. Whether your files be human resource records, finance records or otherwise, you can count on Octacom.


Eliminate tracking down missing paperwork for signed delivery tickets. Automate for quick, easy retrieval.

Accessible, organized information is essential to the success of a company. Aggregating these transactions and uploading them to an automated electronic format not only reduces missing and incomplete forms thereby minimizing lost revenue, but also allows faster turnaround time, contributing to better customer service. Octacom’s POD automation software is integrated with local and national couriers to provide a single source POD management solution.


Save time and money with AP Automation and a Vendor Portal. Gain 100% visibility.

Outsource and automate your Accounts Payable process. Octacom takes care of receiving, digitizing, validating and subsequently extracting and uploading data to your company’s ERP or accounting system, ensuring correct information for accurate and timely payments and allowing you immediate accessibility to manage your invoices in one central location. Alternatively, run your approval workflow and exception management through our Odiss™ software!

Click here to learn how Octacom’s Accounts Payable Automation solutions can help you save time and money.


Take control of your information and save money with a secure and cost-effective portal solution.

Physical document storage is burdensome and uses valuable real estate while on-site electronic document storage clogs computer networks. By utilizing Octacom’s proprietary cloud document hosting service, Odiss™, your organization’s documents are hosted on the cloud, saving space and stored in easy to access pathways.

Octacom improved WSIB`s processes related to Conflict of Interest Attestations through Odiss™.


Offered as a standalone service or combined with our other solutions such as AP & AR Automation and more.

Excessive paper mail quickly curtails business efficiency, especially without a proper organizational system. To sidestep this entirely, the implementation of a digital mailroom streamlines mail handling and improves turnaround times.

Find out how to evolve your workflow from a manual routing to a highly streamlined process, download our eBook now!

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