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Waybills and Proof of Delivery Scanning

Improve organization and retrieval of signed delivery tickets and proof of delivery slips.

Information is an amazing asset to have when it is accessible and organized. Many companies use waybills and proof of delivery (POD) documents as a vital form of information. With large volumes of these transactions, often thousands per day (especially in peak seasons), it is easy to get overwhelmed with tracking down missing paperwork. When a POD or signed waybill is required to claim payment, missing such documents can lead to lost revenue.

With a solution specifically designed to process this paperwork and track missing waybills by the driver, location, date or other key information, you can easily identify gaps in your process and find those missing documents. Stop being frustrated with poor manual systems and ensure the holes within your accounts receivable process are minimized with waybill scanning and proof of delivery scanning.

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Improved Turnaround Times

Problem: In the peak seasons your drivers are making multiple trips a day, multiple times a week, resulting in hundreds of delivery documents to manage. Not only do you have to manage the incoming documents, but you have to track down the missing paperwork as well.

Solution: Octacom has the capability to process your large volumes of documents while ensuring absolute quality. Our solution starts with digitizing incoming paper documents, processing electronic transactions and validating information to your internal ERP or accounting system. You can promptly identify any outstanding items. Dashboard and drill down reporting enable you to clearly see the real-time status, identify gaps and improve business processes. All of your documents are now housed in a secure cloud solution, accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device.


Reduce Lost Revenue

Problem: Trying to manually manage thousands of delivery tickets, bills of lading and POD documents is overwhelming as it is easy to lose or misplace a document. If your client requests a proof of delivery or a signed ticket for confirmation of a drop-off, you may run into problems receiving payment for services rendered which negatively impacts your bottom line.

Solution: Our solution identifies outstanding tickets and allows your administrators to send a message to your driver or employee alerting them. They can submit the missed document via email or log into our cloud application using any device. Responding to missing document requests with a simple click means you spend less time tracking down missing information. Decrease and eliminate the real problem of missing waybills and proof of delivery documents.


Faster Access

Problem: Accessing delivery tickets, waybills and POD documents are time-consuming and inefficient, particularly when you are responding to a client inquiry, being audited or just need to find information quickly to maintain your workflows.

Solution: Access any document from your desktop or mobile device. Your scanned documents are easy to retrieve and it is easy to convert your data into electronic reports and statements that can be accessed securely and quickly. Robust reporting and full auditing allow you to track all of your critical documents and analyze trends for your management reporting and compliance. No manual system can provide the results you need in today’s competitive environment. Our document scanning solution will change the way you manage your documents and greatly enhance the way you manage your business.

Air Canada, one of the 15 largest commercial airlines in the world, has a secure and timely web-based access to documents within shorter time frames and their customer response times have been reduced. The case study reveals how this was achieved.

Odiss™ Document Management Software

Odiss™ is Octacom’s secure, cloud-based document management and workflow automation software. Odiss™ can be integrated with your organization’s ERP, HR or other management systems with ease, ensuring it fits smoothly into your daily workflows.

Streamline and automate accounts payable, proof of delivery documents, eStatements distribution and more so your team can focus on what is important; growing your business.

Whether you have 10 users or 10,000 users, Octacom will provide an affordable package for your department or enterprise.

Ask us how Odiss™ can benefit your organization and meet your requirements for your document management.