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Invoices and Expense Documents for TV and Movie Productions

There is nothing glamorous about managing expenses.

The television and movie industry appears to many as glamorous and exciting. What we don’t see is all of the work that goes on behind the scenes to create every production such as script development, casting, location, set design and accounting. Yes, accounting!

Each production is its own mini-corporation. There is no shortage of supplier invoices, expense documents and other financial statements that must be managed and paid. Octacom works with production companies to help them track, store and access these vital documents.

Over the past three seasons, Octacom scanned each invoice for the critically-acclaimed TV show, The Strain, indexing it by vendor, invoice number, invoice amount, cheque number, etc., as well as linking it to their production accounting system for validation and accuracy. The images and data were securely stored in a portal custom-built by Octacom, which gave their Los Angeles-based parent company real-time access.

What Are Your Biggest Challenges?



Production is wrapping up and you have accumulated an overwhelming amount of documents over the last few months/years that you will need to organize in order to maintain and access for the long-term.




Your teams works in various locations and the files need to be accessible throughout the production.




Your reliance and use of physical documents is time consuming and ineffective.


Immediate Benefits for Managing Outsourced Expense Documents

  • Improve access to your documents and information
  • Get fast turnaround times for critical documents
  • Permanent record for backup and disaster recovery
  • Eliminate paper storage requirement
  • Secure storage of records accessible in the cloud

Are you spending too much time and resources managing your paper documents? Octacom can create a cost-effective solution to solve your information management challenges, contact us today to learn more.

Competitive Advantage with Octacom’s Solutions for the Production Industry

Productions such as The Strain and Man Seeking Woman have used our document scanning services to help them manage their documents by creating digital documents to support their financial systems. The service has been very effective when production has finished and all of the supporting documentation must be digitized, secured and easily transportable.

The Octacom cloud document management solution enables you to upload and index files directly to the portal. With the added feature of immediate validation for key fields and user-defined actions, you can find what you are looking for easily and quickly. Don’t waste any more time and money managing paper files, Octacom’s high volume document scanning services are fast and affordable.