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Human Resources (HR) Automation for Organizations

Get secure, instant access to digitized, electronic files.

Are you facing increased scrutiny in relation to the privacy of your human resource files? Our content management services will not only satisfy your need for privacy, file integrity and disaster recovery but also deliver the added benefits of reduced storage and retrieval costs.

For over 10 years, Estée Lauder has managed their payroll and employee files using Octacom’s custom-built secure portal. Thousands of files are easily searchable which continue to cost-effectively manage their workflow and business operations. York Regional Police, located north of Toronto had over 6,000 employee files that had to be converted into secure digital images; indexed and uploaded into their new HR system. The Octacom team moved into police headquarters to convert the documents due to high confidentiality.

What Are Your Biggest Challenges?



A lack of security. Without controlled access, confidential and sensitive information is subject to breach of privacy laws. Because human resource files are paper-based, there is insufficient backup in case of a disaster.




Critical documents are being misfiled or not easily identifiable. When you need that information immediately it takes too long to locate.




Filing cabinets take up valuable space; retrieval and offsite storage is very expensive.




There is not one central repository for documents that are coming in every day from various departments. If these documents need to be accessed and retrieved throughout the organization it proves to be a challenge.


Immediate Benefits in Using Human Resources Automation

  • Sensitive information and documents are protected within a private document management portal
  • A central repository ensures file integrity with options to link into your existing Human Resource systems
  • Permanent record for backup and disaster recovery of employee information
  • Eliminate paper filing, storage cabinets and expensive off-site storage in records retention boxes
  • Secure long-term storage for current and historical data
  • Significantly reduces lost or misfiled employee documents
  • Human Resource documents are now just a click away

Looking to immediately improve productivity? To understand the breadth of our Human Resource services read the Estée Lauder and York Regional Police case studies.

Competitive Advantage with Octacom’s Solutions for HR Automation

Octacom’s solution converts your existing paper files and provides one central, secure portal for easy access. Electronic data files are seamlessly linked from within your Human Resource system providing one integrated solution.

New documents can be easily uploaded by your own team via scan, desktop or mobile device. Everything is backed up and you have peace of mind that your files are safe and available when you need them.

Document types can be identified individually to allow for fast, secure and accurate document access. Document types can include application forms, payroll information, benefits claims, short-term and long-term disability, workers’ compensation documents and more.

Confidential documents can only be granted access by the appropriate management levels. If an employee requests a review of their file, a temporary user can be created for them. Our processes make your files easy to find, simple to store and provide the security you need. Gone are the days of lost and misfiled documents, find everything you need immediately.