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EMR & Electronic Health Records Processing

Digitize health records, medical files, patient information. Streamline your EMR process with EMR scanning.

We know that healthcare organizations spend a lot of time, money and resources managing health records documents. Electronic records are an essential element in the successful transition to any EMR or EHR management system. Octacom can help you bridge that gap.

Whether you are a physician, family health team, clinic, long-term care facility or hospital, we offer customizable solutions to meet your needs. Octacom provides the expertise and high-quality processes needed to enable secure, fast and accurate access to your patient records. Our health records expertise extends into confidential patient records that reside within hospitals, private healthcare practices and clinics.

Twenty hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) have relied on Octacom’s document management solutions and EMR scanning services for more than a decade. Over 150,000 pages of health records are processed daily in our two production facilities which are operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

They are efficiently converted and stored in the cloud while maintaining the highest level of quality output. We’re proud of our team and to date over 250 million patient records have been scanned. Let’s define quick turn-around:

  • ER records: available within 6 hours
  • Same day surgery records: available within 12 hours
  • Inpatient records: available within 18-24 hours

What Are Your Biggest Challenges?


Storage & Accessibility:

It takes too long to file and locate patient records and medical files.




Retiring physicians or inactive medical files need to be securely maintained for many years.




You need the benefits of scanning but currently don’t have an EMR system capable of viewing, retrieving or managing health information.


Immediate Benefits from Electronically Capturing, Managing and Storing Health Records

  • Improve access to vital patient documents
  • Receive guaranteed quality and health records expertise
  • Get fast turnaround times for critical document types
  • Permanent record for backup and disaster recovery
  • Eliminates paper storage requirement
  • Secure storage of records electronically

To learn more about the work we do with organizations within the healthcare industry, please contact us today.

Competitive Advantage with Octacom’s Solution for Healthcare

Octacom provides document management services specifically for the healthcare market. Our clients include hospitals, doctor’s offices, family clinics, large healthcare facilities, private healthcare clinics and healthcare suppliers.

We provide options for uploading images to your existing EMR systems and provide images on encrypted and secure media and we offer a low-cost, licence free, secure cloud solution option for your document management requirements.

Octacom has two convenient Ontario facilities specializing in the conversion and management of health and medical files containing confidential health information. Your files are secure and always remain protected under strict Canadian privacy and security laws.