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Odiss™ Document Management Software

Streamline and Automate Manual Processes, and Find Your Information with a Click of a Button using Odiss™

Odiss™ Document Management Software is the core pillar of our offering. Odiss™ is a cloud-based document archive with workflow capabilities. Odiss™ eliminates manual processes and makes your company more efficient, saving both money and time. Streamline and automate accounts payableproof of delivery documentseStatements distribution and more so your team can focus on what is important; growing your business.

Odiss™ is tailored to each client’s requirements, employs no third party software and has been developed by Octacom. Odiss™ can be integrated with your organization’s ERP, ERM and Order Management platforms’, ensuring it fits smoothly into your daily workflows.

Additionally, Odiss™ is cost-effective. Whether you have 10 users or 10,000 users, Octacom will provide an affordable package for your department or enterprise.

Here are the key features and benefits of using Odiss™ Document Management Software:

Document Management

Designed to be easy-to-use and even easier to implement, Odiss™ can help you manage your files giving you easy access to critical business documents from anywhere, including from PC, Mac, iPad and other tablet and smartphone devices. The ability to access all of your information instantly makes knowledge management easy and efficient as it should be.

Lock iconSecure and Compliant Cloud Archive

Consolidate information in a secure, Canadian cloud environment, allowing you to limit access to who can view, copy, edit and print a document. Leverage necessary everyday functions you will need such as search, retrieve, print, annotate, email and much more.

Direct Upload and Indexing Capabilities

Upload and index directly through mobile devices and from multi-function devices. Eliminate your courier costs and accelerate turnaround times.

Workflow Automation

Whether you are automating Accounts Payable invoice approvals or Human Resource functions, Odiss™ is easily tailored to your specific requirements, eliminating the need to long email approval threads or paper-based processes.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate enhanced reporting and analytics on your documents and data, providing you with timely and meaningful business insights.

Full Audit Trail of Users and Actions Taken

Continuously monitor all user activity with a complete audit trail of all actions taken on Odiss™, ensuring security and privacy of data.

Robust Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate within your existing IT infrastructure with single sign-on capabilities and automated user authentication, further enhancing your corporate image and user acceptance. Odiss™ easily integrates with many ERPs and HR systems, including SAP, Oracle, Unit 4/Agresso, JD Edwards, Peoplesoft, Sage X3, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

Here are a few problems easily solved with Odiss™ Document Management Software:

Lock icon

Better Security

Problem: A lack of protection in storing critical business documents on your premises can put important and sometimes sensitive information in jeopardy, whether these documents are being stored for the long-term or “on employees’ desks” as part of business processes. Where strict privacy and compliance are critical, your business could be at risk.

Solution: Consolidating information in a secure cloud environment with the ability to control user access allows organizations to delicately manage critical documents and data. Using Odiss™, you can continuously monitor all user activity with a complete audit trail of every login, search, view, download, annotate and email from the software.

Computer screen and keyboard icon

Faster Access

Problem: Accessing documents and associated data can be time-consuming and inefficient. Get back valuable time lost searching for missing and misplaced files within your business.

Solution: Retrieve any document from your desktop or mobile device. Document scanning and conversion of computer data into a versioned archive document or report allows for you to find your information by just a click of a button. Experience the difference between finding the data you need in 10 seconds as opposed to 10 minutes.

File storage icon

Reduce Storage Costs

Problem: Physical paper storage is expensive, whether you are using your own space or paying for an outsourced warehousing solution. Keeping your records in filing cabinets contributes to weak information management and significant office space lost.

Solution: Having all your documents accessible in a private cloud environment significantly reduces space taken up by your filing cabinets and systems. Along with document scanning, we provide secure document shredding services. This option ensures your office stays clutter free.

Here are some examples of how Odiss™ is being used today:

Express Scripts Canada

Express Scripts Canada uses Odiss™ Document Management Software to manage and host daily, weekly and monthly reporting for over 40,000 pharmacy and dental users across Canada, providing efficient and audited access to daily benefit administration transaction information, reports and eStatements.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army have implemented Odiss™ as part of their accounts payable invoice processing services. The Salvation Army’s staff accountants leverage Odiss™ to manage invoices that are exceptions to processing rules, including return-to-vendor scenarios.

Hamilton Health Sciences

Hamilton Health Sciences relies on Odiss™ to access and manage tens of millions of historical health records documents across its various hospitals, allowing for quick and secure access when required and elimination of costly on and offsite records storage.

Air Canada Cargo

Air Canada Cargo users in hundreds of locations around the world leverage Odiss™ to access and manage approximately 500,000 Air Waybills and 1.5 million pages annually. Odiss™ provides Air Canada Cargo will sophisticated reporting and analytics to optimize the business process and collections.

Please click here to access additional case studies about how our clients benefit with Odiss™.

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