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Automotive Document Management Solutions

Streamline dealership files and provide reporting with data processing.

Do you need to provide large volumes of weekly, monthly and ongoing reporting to support your dealer networks? We have successfully streamlined document management services for several North American automotive manufacturers and we value our long-standing relationships with them.

Our services provide an electronic version of the various invoices and report data files that can be accessed and viewed through our cloud-based document management solution as well as through the already established dealer portals.

Our automotive clients have improved customer service to their dealers while drastically reducing internal costs for support, document retrievals, faxes, print and mail. Dealers worldwide can securely search, view, print and email copies of vehicle and parts invoices, parts statements and price lists, warranty reports, dealership files and other ongoing reports. Dealers can rely on the fact that their documents and reports are there when they need them.

What Are Your Biggest Challenges?



Ability to find client or dealership records proves to be challenging as there is much physical paperwork to search through.



Customer Service:

Files are inaccessible thus delaying response times and negatively impacting customer service.




There is no central location to look up invoices, statements or warranty reports for customers.


Immediate Benefits for Digitizing Automotive Documents

  • Eliminate print and mail costs
  • Improve accessibility to documents
  • Improved customer service as response times are quicker
  • Get fast turnaround times for critical document types
  • Reduces the risk of loss or damage
  • Eliminates expensive off-site and on-site storage costs

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Competitive Advantage with Octacom’s Solutions for the Automotive Industry

We provide solutions which enable your dealers and head office to directly access their automotive documents and reports through our secure portal. We offer a lower cost, licence-free, secure private cloud environment for historical data maintained and available at your fingertips and make audits a breeze.

Dealers can manage their own information, they no longer have to request copies or wait for them to be mailed. Document-level security features ensure dealers can only access files associated with their own dealer codes.

Head office and regional management can easily access all of the dealer information assigned to them, within one centralized location for as long as you need it. Do not let your customer service suffer because you have large volumes of files to manage – get rid of your paper, and get on top of your information.