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Document Management for the Aggregate Industry

Process and store your delivery tickets and waybill documents.

Are you struggling to track, store and access hundreds of delivery tickets for proof of deliveries? Managing these key documents can be overwhelming especially during peak construction season. Whether you have one hundred or one thousand PODs to track daily, your business can rely on our cost-effective automation solutions to save you time and money.

Votorantim Cimentos has been an Octacom client for over 10 years. What used to be a manual process has been streamlined to improve efficiency and productivity. Thousands of delivery tickets are managed daily to support their accounts receivable system.

What Are Your Biggest Challenges?


High Volume:

In the peak seasons your drivers are making multiple trips a day, multiple times a week, resulting in hundreds of tickets to manage.



Missing Documents:

With hundreds of tickets to manage, missing tickets can easily occur. If your client requests a signed ticket for confirmation of drop-off, it may be hard to receive payment.




If the amount of missing delivery tickets begins to stack up, managing the system becomes tedious and time-consuming, especially if you manage multiple plants.



Missing Revenue:

There are gaps in Accounts Receivable due to these missing waybills.


Immediate Benefits for Outsourced Document Management

  • Daily processing of delivery tickets
  • Data validation directly from your ERP or accounting system
  • Ability to upload missing tickets directly into the document management portal from any device such as tablets, cell phones and PC
  • Daily dashboard reporting for outstanding tickets
  • Fast turnaround times and ability to manage peak volumes
  • Long-term archival storage of all delivery tickets
  • Ability to link delivery tickets to Accounts Receivable invoices

Are you interested in exploring how you can improve processes for storing and reproducing waybills and tickets? Votorantim Cimentos, a leading North American manufacturer of cement and related construction products, has fast and accurate access to the signed proof of delivery shipping waybills which include provide tablet and email verification options for their drivers. The case study reveals how this was achieved.

Competitive Advantage with Octacom’s Solutions for the Aggregate Industry

Working with Octacom allows you to improve customer service, lower your operating costs and realize a positive impact on your bottom line. Eliminating paper-intensive and outdated processes will help your organization achieve these goals and allow for more focus on your core business priorities.

Gain a competitive edge with a solution that delivers real results for the Aggregate industry. Our solution enables you to find missing tickets in seconds instead of days, provides an easy mobile submission for drivers, eliminates on- and off-site storage and provides real-time dashboard reporting as well as auditing. Searching through paper-based documents is not effective or efficient. Let us help you streamline your traditional document management approach.