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Digital Mailroom Automation and PO Box Servicing

Outsource the day-to-day management of incoming paper mail.

Postal mail still accounts for a significant volume of incoming documents in most organizations, particularly for accounts payable. Invoice scanning, survey scanning, claims scanning, insurance and warranty document scanning, application scanning, sweepstakes scanning – all types of incoming paper documents need to be opened and directed to the right person or department, either physical or digitally.

Internal mailroom operations can be inefficient and costly. Octacom offers outsourced digital mailroom services that are a cost-effective alternative to the traditional in-house mail room, priced on a simple “per image” or “per document” basis. If you need to touch your incoming mail more than once, see how our digital mailroom can help:

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Streamline Mail Handling

Problem: Incoming mail must be handled multiple times by multiple people before invoices and other documents can be processed.

Solution: We receive your mail through a post office box so you don’t need to handle it at all. We open it and extract documents, which we then classify, process, scan, index and route to the right department or application. Information management can be very effective and efficient within organizations when done properly, let us help and show you how.


Improve Turnaround Times

Problem: Internal mailroom operations and manual document handling and scanning are inefficient and costly. Why wait to have your mail passed around from person to person when you could access it immediately online?

Solution: Octacom’s digital mailroom improves turnaround times for documents by facilitating your workflow and decision making. We provide full audits and daily visibility reporting and we guarantee file integrity and quality through our “all-in-one” process. Each batch of mail receives its own unique job ticket which allows for a complete audit trail throughout the process.


Lighten Your Paper Burden

Problem: Even after documents have been processed and invoices paid, paper records must be stored or eliminated securely. If you have a room dedicated to the housing of files, valuable workspace is being lost.

Solution: Octacom holds original documents for a pre-set period of time (standard 90 days). From there we give you the option to use our secure shredding service to ensure your office doesn’t become a paper storage facility. Digitizing your mailroom allows you to be one step closer to being a paperless office.

Do you have questions about the digital mailroom? Contact us to learn more about how Octacom can help improve business operations efficiency.

Octacom’s Digital Mailroom Services

As a standalone service or combined with our many other document management solutions, Octacom’s digital mailroom services ensure reduced paper handling, improved workflow and greater visibility, all leading to reduced costs. The digital mailroom services are very impactful, consider pairing them with our accounts receivable or accounts payable automation to continue optimizing your business processes.

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Odiss™ Document Management Software

Pair your Octacom digital mailroom with Odiss™, Octacom’s secure, cloud-based document management and workflow automation software. Odiss™ can be integrated with your organization’s ERP, HR or other management systems with ease, ensuring it fits smoothly into your daily workflows.

Streamline and automate accounts payable, proof of delivery documents, eStatements distribution and more so your team can focus on what is important; growing your business.

Whether you have 10 users or 10,000 users, Octacom will provide an affordable package for your department or enterprise.

Ask us how Odiss™ can benefit your organization and meet your requirements for your document management.