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Solutions for the Transportation Industry

Manage bills of lading, waybills, tracking documents and more.

How are you currently managing waybills, bills of lading, customs and other transportation documents? Are you spending a lot of time and money to manage paper processes? Do you need a solution to improve processes and enhance operational efficiencies?

The Toronto Transit Commission, TTC relies on Octacom to manage the thousands of documents for their Wheel-Trans program which provides door-to-door transportation for persons with disabilities. The solution replaced an inefficient and challenging system, prevents lost and damaged documents and staff can easily access files on a secure private portal.

What Are Your Biggest Challenges?



Documents you need to access quickly are inaccessible and are constantly increasing in volume.




Paper files go through so many different sets of hands that they are deteriorating, lost or damaged.




Finding historical information proves to be a challenge.


Immediate Benefits from Electronically Managing and Storing Transportation Documents:

  • Manage and track waybills, bills of lading and customs papers
  • Ensure images are captured before documents are damaged from use and storage
  • Improved accuracy with data capture and automated verification
  • Permanent record for backup and disaster recovery
  • Eliminate traditional storage systems
  • Strong security of documents using Octacom’s cloud-based portal solution built for your organization

Are you interested in exploring how you can improve processes for storing and reproducing waybills and tickets? Votorantim Cimentos, a leading North American manufacturer of cement and related construction products, recruited the help of Octacom to streamline their waybill process. Octacom’s solution has provided effective access to the signed proof of delivery shipping waybills, including tablet and email verification options for their drivers. The case study reveals how this was achieved.

Competitive Advantage with Octacom’s Solutions for the Transportation Industry

You can submit your documents to Octacom in a variety of ways such as scanning and emailing, uploading to a secure FTP, sending screenshots from your tablet, fax, courier and mail. We will capture and verify each document so that you can access it later through a secure custom-built portal. Access to this portal can also be provided to your customers, offering more direct customer service options.

Electronic records allow for quicker processing of your orders with greater accuracy and fewer resources. Secure electronic images will be available within hours of receipt and can be searched by multiple fields.