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Client Reviews

We are grateful to the clients that we serve, in their own words:

Works like a charm

The site worked like a charm for us when one of our customers required all tickets for a large job. With the selection of customer/project name we had access to all tickets within minutes. Previously this would have taken a whole day pulling tickets out of file boxes. Click here to read the Case Study.

Jenny Brown, A/R Supervisor, Votorantim Cimentos

It was exactly what we needed

We have been working with Octacom and its OdissTM Document Management Software for over 5 years. The solution developed by Octacom for Air Canada Cargo was exactly what we needed to manage the large volume of Air Waybills that are processed each day from all over the world. Octacom provides quality document management services  and software and we would highly recommend them as professional, innovative and customer focused organization. Click here to read the Case Study.

                                                               Gentjan Protoduari, Manager, Sales Development & Planning, Air Canada

Octacom portal has really changed the game

We started using the Octacom services several years ago with email and fax submissions. The introduction of the Octacom portal has really changed the game and we see it being used more and more every day. Click here to read the Case Study.

Kyle Brodie, Director Advisor Relations, Worldsource Financial

Time for a change

After 5 years with another company, we were undergoing a big change to our Accounts Payable process and needed to find the right company to work with us. Octacom demonstrated very early on that they were interested, innovative and enthusiastic to work as part of our team. Their facility and staff impressed us as did their ability to grasp the technology and integration that would be required.

We have found them to be a company we can depend upon to provide quality services and we highly regard them as a valuable and collaborative member of our team. Click here to read the Case Study

                                                                  N. DaSilva, Ontario Power Generation

Quickly access electronic statements

Octacom provides PWL Capital Inc with a secure web platform to host our clients electronic statements in PDF format. Authorized clients and PWL employees have immediate access to online client statements. We were able to personalize the login page so it reflects the appearance of our corporate website.

In addition, historical data can be quickly located and we no longer spend time looking for information stored on CD. Our clients regard this convenient online electronic statement service as an added value reason for doing business with PWL Capital Inc.

                                                                 Annie B., PWL Capital Inc

Accurate data capture & consolidation

Utilizing Octacom’s expertise with scanning and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) solutions, the survey documents are quickly scanned and the survey answers are then processed into easily usable delimited files that are then converted into readily available reports.

Based on the fast turnaround (quality, speed, price etc), our Health System Planning and Evaluation team were able to create 32 separate and time sensitive reports that were required by senior leaders at Ontario hospitals.

                                                                 Chad Leaver, Research Coordination Lead, Health System Planning and Evaluation, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences

Octacom document management software for fast and easy retrieval

As a Health Records Technologist at Hamilton Health Sciences, I frequently use Octacom Document Management Software when accessing Release of Information files. When records are digitally archived, I can quickly retrieve and print which makes the release of information function so much faster and easier. Click here to read the Case Study.

Health Records Technologist, Hamilton Health Sciences

Improved our business processes

Over the past two years, VitalAire/Air Liquide Medical has been working with Octacom to improve our order confirmation process. Prior to working with Octacom, it took approx. 8 -10 business days to convert an order into an invoice. Since implementing Octacom’s outsourced document management solution, it now takes just 24 – 48 hours to manage the same process.

Octacom has been an excellent organization to work with during this transition period. They offer great support and solutions for all our needs. We look forward to continue working with Octacom to further improve our business processes. Click here to read the Case Study.

                                                                Steven DaSilva, National Customer Service Manager, VitalAire/Air Liquide Medical

Quality imaging services on a timely basis

Griffin Centre is a community-based mental health agency which had accumulated many client files over time. The agency was electronically scanning our client files and recently we began utilizing Octacom’s services to supplement the imaging work being done in-house. Octacom has provided us with quality imaging services on a timely basis. Octacom staff are very professional and responsive and were able to address our concerns right from the beginning of the project.

I would not hesitate to recommend Octacom Document Management Services for similar work.

                                                                 Kathi Duncan, Director, Human Resources, Griffin-Centre