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Proof of Delivery and Waybill Scanning and Software: Automate Your Proof of Delivery Process

What if you could speed up many of the time-consuming tasks related to your proof of delivery process?

Normally, paper proof of delivery documents have to be handled by several people before being scanned and saved in a system.

During this time-consuming process, documents can get damaged or lost causing slow customer invoicing and making companies unable to invoice and receive payment from their customers.

Octacom POD Management aggregates your proof of delivery documents in a single cloud-based platform from paper, PDF or direct feed from local and international couriers using our secure document scanning and intelligent data capture services, as well as our Odiss™ Document Management Software.

Octacom POD Management can bring your proof of delivery documents to your fingertips from any device! Efficiently upload, access, search and generate intelligent analytics on PODs that are present and even those that are missing.

Odiss™ is a totally configurable document management software that can also integrate with various client internal ERP systems.

These are some of our clients:

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Ask us how our document management services and software can benefit your organization and meet your requirements for your POD management.

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