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Paper Wars

An In-depth Look at Document Management Services and Paper in the Office

Let’s be honest, does anyone really want a paperless world? Having recently come back from a week-long beach vacation, it was interesting to observe the way fellow vacationers were enjoying their reading. Without a doubt, the overwhelming majority of folks, young, old, middle-aged, all had smartphones and checked them frequently. However, these same folks were often reading traditional paper books, magazines and even newspapers as they lounged by the pool or enjoyed their morning coffee. Not as many were pulling out their e-readers or tablets. Like the human touch, paper is comforting, familiar and part of our DNA. No wonder it is so difficult to let it go.

For years the document management services industry has been talking about the elimination of paper as the path to better efficiency, reduced costs and—more recently—respect for our environment. Although we have driven a lot of paper out of the office and scanned paper is considered a legitimate legal record, we still have a long way to go for meaningful change.

These stats are just a small sample of the very interesting survey results recently published in the AIIM report, Paper Wars. The information is quite conclusive. Overall, paper use is decreasing in most organizations. The benefit of reduced storage space, improved service levels, and impressive ROI are being achieved. Most company leaders have begun or will begin to implement strategies to continue achieving more paper-free processes, as well as reducing existing paper in the office through backfile and point of entry scanning.

Accounts payable automation is an excellent example of what paper-free processes can look like. Starting with requisition, moving on to purchase order, then to invoice receipt, and finally, approval and payment – all of these can be accomplished in a paper-free environment. Mobile capture and cloud technology have further enhanced paper-free processes, allowing everything from depositing cheques to submitting receipts, all through handheld devices.

As an outsource provider of document management services, our role is to help organizations overcome the challenges, and perhaps resistance, from your human users when removing paper from the work environment. We will get you there faster and quickly demonstrate all of the human benefits once paper is removed.

Easier, faster access, improved response times, less stress and better accountability means you can rest easy, sit back and relax. Maybe at the beach, with a good book!

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