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March 21: International Day of Forests

… and a great time to reduce paper consumption in the office

The United Nations General Assembly established March 21 the International Day of Forests, which promotes the importance of forests and trees in our lives.

It is a day usually spent planting trees and teaching people how to care for them. But protecting the trees we already have is as important as planting new ones.

Every year nearly 4 billion trees worldwide are cut down for paper, representing about 35 percent of all harvested trees.

Each tree produces an average of 17 reams of paper, while it takes an average of 100 years for a tree to fully grow. For every tree that is used for paper, roughly 100 lbs. of carbon dioxide are released in the air.

Therefore the more paper you use, the more trees you destroy.  For this reason, many companies are taking “green initiatives” to reduce their carbon footprint and become more environmentally conscious.

Going Paperless

Going paperless is an excellent way for your company to go green and save many trees in the process. These are some advantages:

  • Paperless technology will free up office space, but it will also reduce or eliminate paper waste that your office produces
  • Going paperless will eliminate all of this required energy, thus reducing the amount of carbon emissions
  • A paperless office will reduce or eliminate, paper waste that continues to have a negative impact on the environment

Reduce Environmental Impact with Document Scanning

With Octacom’s Document Scanning you will no longer need to use paper copies of documents within your teams. Improve your workplace efficiency as well as decrease your environmental footprint.

Enhance your document scanning initiative with digital access to your documents via our secure, cloud-based OdissTM Document Management Software. Find your documents in seconds, and avoid costly document storage and retrievals.

For over 40 years Octacom has helped thousands of mid- and large-sized organizations across North America save money and time by outsourcing their none-core business processes.

With our experienced staff, structured controls and best practices, we offer high-quality services and fast turnaround times.

These are some of our clients:

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