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How E-Invoicing Can Help Your Business

e-invoicing-help-businessImagine If Missing Invoices, Late Payments and Long Cycle Times Were a Thing of the Past

What if you could eliminate error-ridden, expensive and inefficient paper invoices?

If your Accounts Payable (AP) department is drowning in time-consuming, labour-intensive tasks that increase invoice processing costs, then it is time to investigate e-invoicing.

What Is E-Invoicing?

Also known as e-billing, electronic invoicing or electronic billing, e-invoicing makes the process of handling invoices easier, faster and more productive. E-invoices are invoices that are sent to your company electronically directly from the vendor.

How Can E-Invoicing Benefit Your Business?

Accounts Payable departments who implement e-invoicing benefit from:

  • Improved efficiencies and reduced errors (increased accuracy)
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Improved productivity
  • Decreased carbon footprint
  • Improved visibility and control of cash flow, working capital management
  • Improved ability to forecast
  • Decreased administrative costs (up to 90%)
  • Increased control over late payment fees and early payment discounts
  • E-invoices are considered legal documents and always include invoice data and an invoice image.

How Octacom Can Help

No matter what size your organization is, you will reap the benefits that our world-class e-invoicing practices have to offer. You can start enjoying the convenience of receiving 100% of your invoices as e-invoices immediately or start by converting your high priority vendors. Combined with Octacom’s mail opening, scanning, data capture and email invoice processing services we can help you create an end to end process that manages and automates all of your incoming invoices.

Our convenient, user-friendly e-invoice Vendor Portal is equipped to handle the most complex requirements. We offer your suppliers a range of options for sending e-invoices so you don’t have to change any systems or processes; Octacom handles all those details. Plus:

  • Delivery of every invoice is secure and guaranteed.
  • We will help activate your suppliers for you.
  • Our system is based on insights and best practices from our work with millions of transactions worldwide.
  • Our system ensures that you can receive e-invoices around the world quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Octacom offers professional Accounts Payable automation and Vendor Portal processing expertise. Our Vendor Portal not only provides the ability for suppliers to easily submit invoices but also provides them with the visibility needed to track their invoices status to eliminate time consuming calls from vendors to your AP team.

Are  you are ready to learn more about how to automate your accounts payable processes? Are you looking for proven solutions to help reduce invoice processing costs? Would you like to free up time and improve your AP productivity? Then contact Octacom today to learn more about how our solutions can help.

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