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Document Scanning Services for Human Resource Files

Employees are a company’s greatest asset and that’s why protecting and managing their records is vital to their long-term success. Tasks such as hiring, conducting performance reviews and providing safety awareness are just some key responsibilities of employers and/or their Human Resources departments.

Documenting all this information can be a paper-intensive process, thus making it difficult for employers and HR staff to organize, store and access this information when required.

Keeping the employee records centralized, searchable and readily available should be every company’s goal. Shifting your process from paper to electronic records makes your HR process quick, simple and efficient.

All Ontario employers in Ontario are required to store records for each person they hire and these records must be retained for a certain period of time. These employers must also have this information immediately accessible upon request for inspection.

The Ontario Employment Standards Act (ESA) provides the following employee record-keeping rules:

  • Records of each employee’s name, address and employment start date must be kept for three years after the employee ceases to be employed by the organization
  • The date of birth of any students under 18 must be recorded and kept until they turn 21 or for three years after he/she ceases to be employed by the organization, whichever happens first
  • All documents relating to an employee’s leave (including pregnancy, family medical, personal emergency, declared emergency, reservist or organ donor leave) must be kept for three years after the day the leave expired
  • If you employ homeworkers, you must keep a register showing each homeworker’s name, address and wage rate. This information can be deleted from the register three years after the homeworker ceases to be employed by you

The Key Advantages of Scanning Your HR Files

Access your documents with ease 
Utilizing Octacom’s document scanning solutions, resumes, applications, tax matters, legal documents and other types of employee records can be easily retrieved.

Reduce your risk
It is vital that you are proactive in your approach and commitment to maintain this sensitive information against unforeseen harm (flooding, fire, theft; just to name a few examples). Electronic files are stored on secure servers, preserving the image and the quality of data within.

Reduce costs
In-house manual processes are costly, often requiring the hiring of more staff, even or wasting current staff’s valuable time searching for documents; when their efforts can be put towards other important areas of Human Resource management.

Maximize your real estate
Utilize your office space to the fullest! Reduce the clutter on your desks, and the copious amounts of paper stuffed in your filing cabinets and stored in your warehouse.

To learn more about Octacom’s Document Scanning Services for Human Resource Files, please contact us today.

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