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Be Proactive for the Unexpected

Document scanning and digital archiving ensures your file integrity and protects your information from harm or loss.

To paraphrase the expression “oil and water do not mix”; paper and water definitely do not mix.  Recently we have seen extensive flooding in Ontario and Quebec. Unexpected smaller events such as heavy rains can cause businesses to temporarily close. What are the backup and recovery plans for a business? Are their paper documents scanned, archived and backed up in the cloud?  How can their employees access data?

When collecting personal information from your clients you are making a commitment to them to ensure it will always remain safe while in your possession. Guarantee the safety of this information from the unexpected and be proactive when managing your documents. Octacom provides many services and solutions that provide high accessibility, security and minimize back-end costs. Document scanning and archiving allows you to always have access to your files from anywhere and from any device. Though we can never anticipate when natural disasters will occur we encourage you to take proactive steps to ensure you and your business are prepared for the unexpected.


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You would be surprised how many healthcare clinics, government offices and businesses keep their client information in hard-copy form. You may have already realized the constraints you are facing with your day-to-day operations on accessibility. If an unexpected event occurs (flooding, a fire, and many more) the only safeguard to protect your valuable information is luck. If a client requires urgent access to a document that is in a filing cabinet in your office your hands are now tied. Improve accessibility for both your internal and external clients through document and data management.

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Protection of Information

There are many strict guidelines and laws that protect documentation containing personal information. Many regulations require you to store financial and healthcare information for many years and as a business, it is vital that you are proactive in your approach and commitment to maintain this sensitive information against unforeseen harm. If your client information is currently at risk then so is your business.

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Your Documents Are Fragile

Your documents worst enemy is anything that will speed up their deterioration. We receive documents kept in traditional storage and on occasion see old files that are beyond repair due to the effects of time. The effects of water or fire damage on your paperwork will be sure to have you wishing you had digitized sooner. Document scanning and archiving your files will ensure their quality for years to come.

To learn more about the document imaging and data management services Octacom can provide to your organization please get in contact with us today.


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