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Thought Leaders: The Benefits of Going Paperless


Paperless technologies have revolutionized the way businesses document and share information. Going paperless poses many benefits for your business and day-to-day operations, including cutting down on clutter, improving internal communications, and reducing your environmental footprint. If your organization is considering going paperless, read what our six experts have to share:

Consolidate Information and Data

“Since our business is providing software, it is important for us to be paperless – all information is stored in our database. The main benefit of going paperless is that you can really save on all the expenses of buying bond paper and printer toners, etc. In fact, it is much easier for our business to compile all those bulky papers into a small hard drive. The only thing you have to consider is the SOP (standard operating procedure); you must always make back-ups of the files and effectively organize information according to the company’s policies so that it is easier for the staff to find it within the database later.”

-Ulysis Cababan, SEO Specialist, RapidVisa

Decrease Physical File Storage

“We have gone paperless because having paper is such a mess. We used to have huge cabinets of client files and it was taking up too much space. Looking up anything in a client file required an inordinate amount of time. Looking up anything also meant we had to be physically in the office. There is also the risk that something will get lost or misplaced. Now that we have gone paperless, we can search any client file in a matter of seconds. Not only that, but also we don’t have those annoying cabinets in the office any more, and nothing will ever get misplaced.

The biggest advantage is the mobility. Since all our documents are in the cloud, any employee can look up any file from anywhere as long as there is internet access. So for example, I could be at the beach and if I get a call from a client, I could easily look them up on my phone. I no longer have to say ‘I am not in the office now, call me back later.’”

-Jesse Harrison, founder and CEO, Zeus Lawsuit Loans

Easier Collaboration with Virtual Team

“We made the change a few years ago to go paperless for several reasons. Air Fresh Marketing is a nationwide experiential marketing agency with contractors in every state to work events. We had several documents such as an Independent Contractor agreement, W-9, Direct Deposit form(s) that all needed to be filled out. We had these files available online for people to either fax or email us the completed form.  We realized that this was very inefficient not only for my internal team but also the contractor.

We have now gone completely paperless so the people we deal with can fill out the forms online and the information gets automatically entered into our A/P system to ensure payment is on time and with fewer errors. This has not only saved paper but also thousands of dollars internally on hiring someone to do the data entry of each document.”

-Joey Kercher, President/CEO, Air Fresh Marketing

Keep Up with Evolving Workplace Demands

“Here’s what we’ve understood so far from our interaction with our customers: Paper is bulky and quite cumbersome in today’s largely online business world. It’s easy to get lost or misplaced and not have it available when you need it. It’s not green, it costs more and there really isn’t any reason to use it – unless perhaps to leave a post-it note or keep a quick note while on the phone. Quite often anything kept on paper needs sooner or later transported to an electronic format. As soon as people realize all these benefits, it’s a matter of time before they decide to start removing paper from their processes.

The way to go paperless is firstly to make sure there is something that is better than paper. Usually that’s the case but you have to be methodical about the transition. So you should split your day-to-day tasks along functionalities and see how these functionalities can be moved online. Certain aspects of a business may be hard to remove paper from but ultimately it’s the way things are going.”

-Dimitris Athanasiadis, Online Marketing Manager, Megaventory

Increase Operations Efficiency

“We often had people asking where files were as they were being worked on. People didn’t put the little place holders in the file cabinets when files were taken out. Hours were spent filing, refiling, and correcting misfiled documents. We scanned all old files to get rid of hundreds of boxes of files, and in turn saved hundreds of square feet of office space and removed file cabinets. All new documents have a QR code on them so when they have to be sent, they are run through the scanner and automatically electronically filed into our database. Clients have online real time password protected access to our work product.

What’s the result? Scores of hours saved, hundreds of square feet liberated, more efficient document tracking and storage and cost savings. What used to take 2-3 days a month to update spread sheets to track client progress on matters, now it’s done as we go. The savings are passed on to clients in the form of lower costs or for benefits and wages for our team.”

-Robert L. Tankel, Founder, Tankel Law Group

Easily Retrieve and Access Files

“Going paperless saved us a ton of space as we collect documents, contracts and information from our clients continually and in mass quantities. Going paperless, using a DMS document management system, allows us to easily find a document from years ago and re-use the information again. This ability to retrieve old research, content, and information allows us to re-use the information instead of creating it from scratch, which saves on labour cost. Also, the advanced retrieval system allows us to retrieve our research and answer our clients’ questions more quickly to provide better service and value. Finally, our paperless system allows us to collect confidential documents from remote clients, which saves trees, our clients time in sending a document, our time in not having to open the mail, and much more.”

-Jennifer Goldman, President, My Virtual COO

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