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Choosing the Right Digital Transformation Partner
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Digital Transformation Criteria

Choosing the Right Business Process Automation and Outsourcing Partner as Part of your Digital Transformation

Business process automation software (BPA) and business process outsourcing (BPO) companies use advanced technologies to optimize your critical business processes. Whether it be processing invoices, bills of lading, insurance claims, sweepstakes, rebates or other key documents, selecting the right BPA or BPO partner is of paramount importance. You can secure a cost-effective solution while also […]

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Enhancing Your AP with Automated Workflows

The Accounts Payable (AP) department is a critical business function, managing all outflows from the company, whether related to direct costs, overhead costs or capital expenditures. Mismanaging outflows from the company may impact a company’s financial stability, and vendor relationships. The majority of AP departments continue to operate a “manual” process, receiving paper invoices (or […]

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Health Records Scanning to Enhance Efficiency and Patient Care

Despite the adoption of electronic medical records (EMR) systems, hospitals and medical practices alike continue to face a number of challenges as a result of paper-based patient files being maintained: Space Constraints: Paper-based charts take up a significant amount of space. In fact, in a small to medium sized clinic, paper charts can often take […]

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Tailoring Odiss™ Document Management Software to Your Organization’s Needs

Are you looking at document management software and frustrated with your options? Is it the limited functionality and customization of off-the-shelf software? Is it the concern of a lengthy time frame to implement the solution? Perhaps it is the assumption that the change in process would be expensive, with modifications that never achieve the desired […]

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Canadian Data Privacy Laws

Do you know the data laws for your business in Canada? Many Canadian companies rely on storing data in the cloud for the majority of their organizational needs. Cloud storage offers many benefits to both the consumer and the business, such as increases efficiencies, reduced IT costs and improved network storage capabilities by allowing on-demand […]

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Doctor with clipboard

Optimizing Electronic Health Records to Deliver Better Care

Everything is being converted to digital under the new EHR systems from x-ray images, post-operative reports, prescription histories and more!

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Document Scanning Saves Files from Harm

Be Proactive for the Unexpected

Is your business prepared for the unexpected? Document scanning and archiving allows your business to be proactive for unforeseen events.

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Is Your Organization Equipped to Compete in the Knowledge Economy?

With daily advances in technology and a connected global community, many of the traditional barriers of entry to grow a business on a global scale are no longer a concern.

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The Benefits of a Cloud Solution with Third-Party Integration

The Benefits of a Cloud Solution with Third-party Integration

Octacom has successfully integrated its solutions with many of the industry’s largest enterprise systems. Learn how cloud-based systems fit into the equation.

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How a Vendor Portal Slashes AP Costs

Using a Vendor Portal will not only reduce your costs but will also have a positive impact on your vendor relations and improve productivity of your existing staff.

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5 Reasons to Automate SAP for Organizations

5 Reasons to Automate SAP for Organizations

Organizational workflows are often burdened by manual inefficiencies. Routine tasks are taking up excessive time and resources.

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Legal document being signed

Paperless Options for Contracts

Are your legal documents and contracts in paper form? Read more about the benefits of paperless options for managing these critical files!

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Man stressed about paper all over his desk

Paper Wars

Going paperless is ultimately inevitable. The challenge is to overcome human resistance to change so that your organization can enjoy the benefits of going paper free.

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E-invoicing help business

How E-Invoicing Can Help Your Business

Imagine if missing invoices, late payments, and long cycle times were a thing of the past.

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Word blocks spelling the word portal

Vendor Portals: The Future of Accounts Payable

Discover the benefits of a vendor portal, and how it can save your AP department countless hours and a great deal of lost productivity.

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business optimization driven by cloud based services

Business Optimization Driven by Cloud-Based Services

These days, many companies, from small start-ups to multinational corporations are discovering the power and potential of cloud-based services.

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Hand writing "time to cut cost"

Invoice Processing Trends for Businesses

How businesses are processing invoices in today’s world. How are Canadian businesses starting to change the way they operate?

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