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Focusing on Patient Care and Outcomes

Category: Health Records

Health Records Scanning to Enhance Efficiency and Patient Care

Despite the adoption of electronic medical records (EMR) systems, hospitals and medical practices alike continue to face a number of challenges as a result of paper-based patient files being maintained: Space Constraints: Paper-based charts take up a significant amount of space. In fact, in a small to medium sized clinic, paper charts can often take […]

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Optimizing Electronic Health Records to Deliver Better Care

Everything is being converted to digital under the new EHR systems from x-ray images, post-operative reports, prescription histories and more!

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The Benefits of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System

Patient medical records are the backbone of providing top quality medical services. They are necessary to provide medical practitioners with a detailed background of a patient, enabling them to give the appropriate advice and treatment. The retention of these critical documents is encompassed in the Public Hospitals Act (PHA) – Regulation 965 – Section 20(3) […]

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