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Choosing the Right Digital Transformation Partner
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Category: Business Process Outsourcing

Digital Transformation Criteria

Choosing the Right Business Process Automation and Outsourcing Partner as Part of your Digital Transformation

Business process automation software (BPA) and business process outsourcing (BPO) companies use advanced technologies to optimize your critical business processes. Whether it be processing invoices, bills of lading, insurance claims, sweepstakes, rebates or other key documents, selecting the right BPA or BPO partner is of paramount importance. You can secure a cost-effective solution while also […]

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Enhancing Your AP with Automated Workflows

The Accounts Payable (AP) department is a critical business function, managing all outflows from the company, whether related to direct costs, overhead costs or capital expenditures. Mismanaging outflows from the company may impact a company’s financial stability, and vendor relationships. The majority of AP departments continue to operate a “manual” process, receiving paper invoices (or […]

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Business Process Automation and Organizations

Organizations have a lot on their plates. Issues including availability of capital, scaling, marketing and more can leave businesses with a great deal of frustration.

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Thought Leaders: Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing for Organizations

Outsourcing the day-to-day business processing tasks means less strain on staff in many departments and more time and resources open to move the company forward.

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Thought Leaders: Tips for Effective Digital File Management

Regularly reviewing practices and protocols for effective file management systems and procedures should be a recurring upkeep task for an organization’s operations department.

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4 Ways to Streamline SAP Data Workflows for Enterprise

4 Ways to Streamline SAP Data Workflows

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning is a popular solution employed by enterprises to manage their overall business operations and customer relations. Learn more benefits!

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How a Vendor Portal Slashes AP Costs

Using a Vendor Portal will not only reduce your costs but will also have a positive impact on your vendor relations and improve productivity of your existing staff.

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5 Reasons to Automate SAP for Organizations

5 Reasons to Automate SAP for Organizations

Organizational workflows are often burdened by manual inefficiencies. Routine tasks are taking up excessive time and resources.

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Legal document being signed

Paperless Options for Contracts

Are your legal documents and contracts in paper form? Read more about the benefits of paperless options for managing these critical files!

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Man stressed about paper all over his desk

Paper Wars

Going paperless is ultimately inevitable. The challenge is to overcome human resistance to change so that your organization can enjoy the benefits of going paper free.

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Compass pointing to term outsourcing

Five Document Management Outsourcing Myths

Best-in-class companies are four times more likely to contract out business processes that may have been previously performed internally – Find out why.

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Person working on iPad in office

Benefits of Outsourcing Document Management

What are the benefits to outsourcing your document management? Find out just how valuable outsourcing can be for your organization.

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Employees sitting around a table with phones and computers

Is Knowledge Management the Key to Modern Business Growth?

When knowledge is managed capably, not only does the organization benefit, so do its staff members, business connections and clients.

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Woman sitting in front of pile of paper

Paperless Office: The Top 12 Benefits of Going Paperless

Is your office looking to go paperless? Learn how going paperless will save you time, money and stress.

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E-invoicing help business

How E-Invoicing Can Help Your Business

Imagine if missing invoices, late payments, and long cycle times were a thing of the past.

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Woman putting money into a piggy bank

Can Document Imaging Really Save Money?

The average office spends $20 in labour, filing or retrieving a single document. What other costs can be saved by integrating a document imaging solution?

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business optimization driven by cloud based services

Business Optimization Driven by Cloud-Based Services

These days, many companies, from small start-ups to multinational corporations are discovering the power and potential of cloud-based services.

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Why outsource AP automation

AP Automation: 5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource

Why outsource your AP automation? Here are 4 reasons that will surely convince you.

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Woman overwhelmed by pile of paper

ECM Implementations: Why Failure is Not an Option

Choosing a highly experienced, third party service provider can be a huge win for the organization by reducing costs, eliminating risks and ensuring efficiency.

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Computer chip representing Big Data

Big Data Equals Big Possibilities

“Big data” is everywhere, the challenge is now how to utilize all of the data sources for analytical driven decisions that will benefit your organization.

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