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5 Benefits of Document Management for the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry involves huge quantities of signed paper documents.  Many of these documents must be stored for several years at a time, due to laws that real estate agencies must follow. As a result, there is a significant risk of human error and documents can be misfiled or lost.

Staying organized, finding documents on time and making sure you have all the right papers with you when showing a house can be complicated.

These are some of the reasons real estate companies are looking to simplify by using document management services.

Digitizing signature cards, leases, contracts, loan agreements, affidavits, assignment of liens, purchase agreements, real estate disclosure forms, financials, work orders, move–in and move-out documentation, notices and invoices help realtors save time, boost productivity and increase room in the workspace.

Here the top 5 benefits of document management for the real estate industry:


Data Protection and Security

Realtors handle thousands of documents containing personal information every year so their data must be encrypted and stored in a secure and backed up infrastructure.


Boost ProductivityTwo

Real estate agents can improve efficiency, increase transactions’ speed, decrease mistakes and get deals closed faster in a paperless office by eliminating their dependence on paper documents and manual processes.


ThreeAnytime, Anywhere Access

Have access to information on the go using your notebook PC or mobile devices. When a client requests information that is buried in one of your archived files, all you need is one click.


FourSave Time

Managing and organizing real estate documents can be time-consuming. Document management allows realtors to stay organized simplifying the business processes and ensuring better regulatory compliance.


FiveCreate Better Organization in Your Workspace

Document management systems reduce clutter and allow you to have more room and organization for your work area.


Octacom’s document management solutions for real estate companies transform paper documents into digital files and securely store them in the cloud. Our solutions are the perfect fit for your real estate office, ensuring instant access from anywhere, at any time from any device.

Octacom’s document management solutions adapt to any business model and integrate into any real estate system including Top Producer, Propertybase, Realty Juggler and many more.

Keeping track of sellers, buyers, commercial and residential areas and open houses is easier with Octacom’s document management solutions!

For more information about document management solutions or the other services we offer, contact us today.

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