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4 Ways to Streamline SAP Data Workflows

4 Ways to Streamline SAP Data Workflows for EnterpriseSAP Enterprise Resource Planning is a popular solution employed by enterprises to manage their overall business operations and customer relations. Enterprises can further reduce the resources of time and money spent on these business process functions by automating workflows with SAP. Learn more about how your enterprise can streamline your SAP data workflows:

OneStreamline Data Touchpoints

In order to streamline the overall process of your data workflows, you must streamline your data touchpoints, including manual approvals and verifications, in your overall workflow and business operations. Setting up an automated system for your SAP data workflows with minimal touchpoints minimizes the risk of human error, saves time and money due to better efficiency and streamlines the data retrieval process, as everything is in one place, neatly organized in accordance with automation settings.

TwoAutomate Data Entry

The Data Warehousing Institute estimated that data quality problems cost businesses in the U.S. more than $600 billion per year. Data quality must be a key factor for large corporations and enterprises. Automating data entry allows your enterprise to reduce manual efforts, reducing the chances of human error in data entry.

Automating SAP data workflows also allows you to prevent, better identify and mitigate errors before they are stored in the system. This safety feature reduces risk of problems and extra resources required to correct and compensate for inaccuracies.

ThreePromote Access to Data and Information on Various Devices

Providing your employees with access to data storage systems through mobile and personal devices has become an important part of modern workflows. This allows for greater productivity among employees and better collaboration with clients and employees across the globe. However, in order to implement effective employee use of remote access and productivity tools, data and information must be easily available through these remote tools. Be sure to align your automation tools for use over mobile and personal devices.

FourPrepare Yourself for Smoother Change Management

In the digital age, the workplace is changing drastically. Automating your data storage and organization systems will help streamline inevitable change management processes into the future, saving your enterprise countless hours and resources. An automation tool such as Innowwera’s Process Runner, uses MS Excel for uploading and downloading data to and from SAP. This helps ensure data is organized in a way that will easily transfer and integrate with future business process evolution.

Octacom integrates with Innowwera’s automation tool, allowing you to fully automate and integrate your data collection business processes. To learn more, contact Octacom today!

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