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Improving the Accounts Receivable Process

Invoice processing, statement handling and financial reporting.

Are you looking to automate the delivery of invoices, statements and reporting to your clients? Eliminate print and mail costs and improve your clients’ service experience. Octacom has a practical solution to help you automate your Accounts Receivable process.

Sending invoices and statements by mail is slow, invoices are lost and payments are delayed. Outsourcing your Accounts Receivable allows for streamlined processes that reduce response times, decrease costs and allows your information to work for you.

Volkswagen, Subaru and Mazda have been our clients for more than 10 years. We provide support for the management of their invoices and make their collections exceptionally simple.

What Are Your Biggest Challenges?



Sending invoices and statements by mail is not efficient, invoices are lost and payments are delayed.




Without efficient and accurate access to information, client response times are slow.




Printing and mailing is expensive and requires a lot of manual intervention.




Report data is not easily accessible and client documents are stored in filing cabinets or off-site.


Immediate Benefits From Automating the Accounts Receivable Process

  • Eliminates slow manual data entry and verification
  • Higher productivity from your employees
  • Improved vendor relationships
  • Improved accuracy with data capture and automated validation
  • Eliminates paper storage requirement
  • Secure storage of historical records
  • 100% visibility into the Accounts Receivable process

Do you need to improve how you manage your waybills, bills of lading and other delivery documents? Votorantim Cimentos uses our AR solution which has dramatically reduced their outstanding tickets and improved the bottom line, read the case study to see how this was accomplished.

Competitive Advantage With Octacom’s Solutions for Accounts Receivable

Octacom provides document scanning, imaging and document management services specifically for streamlining the Accounts Receivable process. Having centralized and validated invoices, daily reports and automated data entry into your accounting software helps to improve efficiencies within your workplace.

Reduce the amount of time spent handling documents to help improve productivity within your organization. Accounts Receivable outsourcing allows for improved results and efficiencies while significantly cutting down your internal costs.

Octacom provides options for uploading images to your existing accounting software, providing images on encrypted and secure media and offer a low cost, licence free, secure web-based option for your document management requirements.