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Accounts Receivable Automation

Stop printing, mailing and storing accounts receivable documents.

Are you looking to automate delivery of invoices, statements and reports to your clients? Eliminate print and mail costs and improve your client service experience. Octacom has practical solutions to help you automate your accounts receivable documents. Let Accounts Receivable Automation simplify your internal processes.


Accelerate Cash Flow

Problem: Sending invoices and statements by mail is slow, invoices are lost and client payments are delayed.

Solution: Instead of printing and mailing, an electronic invoice can be automatically routed via email as an attached PDF or securely accessed from our client Vendor Portal. Within 24 hours or less, your clients receive and access their invoices, statements or report information from anywhere in the world. We accommodate your billing and reporting cycles, manage your distribution lists and report back on successful and unsuccessful deliveries. All of these solutions work together to reduce your overdue invoices and support your cash flow.


Reduce Costs

Problem: Printing and mailing is expensive and requires a lot of manual intervention. Filing cabinets are taking up too much office space and documents can be lost or misfiled.

Solution: Instead of sending data to your printer or print provider and storing all of that paper, we make it easy for you to transmit your data files to us through our secure file transfer protocols (SFTP) or other media devices. No more printing, mailing or searching through rows of filing cabinets for your documents. Octacom offers a cost per page solution for unique pricing flexibility with no incremental costs or licensing fees and no capital investments in software or hardware.

Validation and Quality Control

Improve Client Service Experience

Problem: Without efficient and accurate access to information, client response times are too slow.

Solution: Providing your dealers, clients, vendors or other users with access to a secure portal means they quickly find the report, statement or invoice they are looking for. No more phone calls requesting invoice copies, searching through file drawers, accessing off-site storage records, or having to engage IT for report access. With unlimited user access, your clients and internal staff will always have access to the information they need when they need it.


Secure Long Term Storage

Problem: Client documents are stored in filing cabinets or off-site and report data is not easily accessible online. You have trouble finding what you are looking for.

Solution: All of the historical information about your receivables is maintained from one central, secure source. You will have quick and easy access to all of your AR documents for immediate retrieval as well as long-term archiving for internal and external users.

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eBook: Accounting and AP Automation. Empowering your Accounting Department

What you will learn:

  • Assess your current AP processes and determine how they can be drastically improved
  • Create a needs assessment for your Accounting Department
  • Learn about Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

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Odiss™ Document Management Software

Odiss™ is Octacom’s secure, cloud-based document management and workflow automation software. Odiss™ can be integrated with your organization’s ERP, HR or other management systems with ease, ensuring it fits smoothly into your daily workflows.

Streamline and automate accounts payable, proof of delivery documents, eStatements distribution and more so your team can focus on what is important; growing your business.

Whether you have 10 users or 10,000 users, Octacom will provide an affordable package for your department or enterprise.

Ask us how Odiss™ can benefit your organization and meet your requirements for your document management.